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About the Next Billion Burgers

The future of plant-based is not plant-based – the reality is that we eat for outcomes. To be healthier. To make sustainable choices. To be kinder. However, the industry today is hyper-focused on vanity metrics like valuations, being the first [XXX]-based source in country [YYY] or planting literal flags; the focus should be on responsible businesses that make sustainable profit.

If we want to impact the food of the next billion, we need the focus to be on making good food, better.


Corporates today hold many of these ‘tools’ within their institution, but often are stymied by shifting corporate priorities, bureaucracy and internal politics. On the other hand, startups have tremendous heart to do right but are often lacking several pieces of the puzzle.


What if we could open up this institutional knowledge so that startups can create better and affordable products?


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About Us

Meet The Team

Nigel Teh

Nigel Teh

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Nigel believes in a food system that is equitable, sustainable and nutritious for all. He has at times been a palm oil farmer, a coffee trader and more recently, a neurotic father scrutinizing food labels on baby food packaging. 

Nigel currently works with the team at the Center for the Spread for Affordable Wellness as a program manager, overseeing the firm's various investments, advisory projects and occasionally telling bad jokes. Prior to his current role, he was part of Rainmaking Innovation’s corporate venture studio, where he helped MNCs launch new ventures. Before that, he was with the Singapore Economic Development Board, managing foreign inbound investments in the food and agriculture space and developing the Republic’s national strategy.


Christine Gould

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Christine is bringing more creativity and collaboration into the food and agriculture industry. As an entrepreneurially-minded leader and community builder, she is known for injecting energy and diverse perspectives into how we solve our world’s most important challenges.

Christine is currently the founder and CEO of Thought For Food (TFF) where she supports the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs everywhere in the world with the mindset, skills, connections and investments they need to build locally-relevant solutions which can be scaled for global impact. 

Christine is a global leader in agri-food-tech innovation. In 2020, Christine was invited by the UN Deputy Secretary-General to serve on the Advisory Committee for the UN Food Systems Summit. She also sits on various boards, including on reNature Foundation's Board of Advisors. Christine holds an MPA in Science and Technology Policy from Columbia University, and is the author of the book “The Change-makers Guide to Feeding the Planet” (2021).

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